Overpass Books Chapbook Contest

10 Feb

The Overpass Books Poetry Chapbook Contest is currently open for submissions.

The deadline for submissions is September 1st, 2015 and the winner will be announced in Winter 2015, with publication to follow. The winner receives ten copies of their chapbook, and a featured interview and poem in a forthcoming issue of The Otter. The cost to enter the contest is $10 and can be paid for here.

Please submit a previously unpublished manuscript (if some poems were previously published in journals and magazines, that is okay) of no more than 24 pages of poetry. Manuscripts can only be submitted via our specific Green Submissions page. In the actual doc. file, make the first page a cover page, containing your name, mailing address and manuscript name. The second page should contain only the name of your manuscript, and then the pages of text to follow. Please do not put your name anywhere else on the manuscript but on the first cover page.

There is no specific theme for the contest, but we suggest reading the books we’ve published and the Poetry section of The Otter.

Please contact us at editor@ottermagazine.com or overpassbooks@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Submit your visual art to The Otter

21 Jan

We now accept photography submissions for the next issue. Visit http://www.ottermagazine.com for more info.

Read “ways of dying naked in mexico city” by Giuseppe Infante for FREE!

19 Nov

Overpass Books has been hanging around for almost 4 years already. It has been one hell of a ride. All the editors at the press have gone through extensive transformations over the past 2 years since we graduated from the MFA program where we met and birthed this crazy-ass monster. Gulay is in Turkey. Micah is in Philadelphia. I am in Brooklyn. Though there are several miles separating us all, we are still able to keep the press together– digitally. The Otter is our online magazine of poetry, fiction and art. This has been Overpass Books’ latest project, and it is growing with every issue we put out. Gulay has done an amazing job building the website and keeping it functional. None of us are computer gurus, but luckily we are able to post and keep the site up to date. The next one (December/January) will be out in a few weeks and will be DA BOMB!

I’ve been off the scene for a while. You have to pay the bills, put food on the table and roof over the head. Teaching and being a family man occupies almost every waking minute. Through writing on an iPhone note pad app whenever I had a free moment (whether it was while taking a crap, waiting for my wife to exit a store or during student in-class essays), I’ve managed to crank out a manuscript for a new chapbook. Movement is the underlying theme of this manuscript, I think. I’m not near the final product, as two poet friends will give me feedback over the holiday break. It feels good to get those poems out of me. They’ve been bottled up for two years. Which is how old my daughter is, go figure. Time management is crucial.

When my chapbook was published in August of 2012, I didn’t have a “release party.” My daughter was due in a few short weeks and I was approaching the final semester of my MFA. I was trying to finish my thesis before she was born. For the first time I actually didn’t procrastinate– I got it done way in advance! Half of that thesis was the chapbook, ways of dying naked in mexico city. I don’t know how many physical copies actually exist, but this PDF will last forever (maybe).

Read ways of dying naked in mexico city by me, Giuseppe Infante, for free.


The October/November issue of The Otter is online!

13 Oct The Otter October Cover

The October/November issue of The Otter is online! Including an interview with Wang Ping, poetry by A.J Huffman, fiction by Julie Rea, flash fiction by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, and photography by Aykan Özener. Check wwww.ottermagazine.com for more.


To Sit on Sidewalks

Of course, awareness can be a difficult and tedious prospect when considering that a poet’s audience tends to be far less in number than the awaiting audience that receives the rhetoric pushed by politicians and aired by mainstream media.


Homage to Haniel Long

other, actual people walk the streets, they are complete human analogue of every individual person acting


With Balance

I breathe in the sun’s continuity, stretch my ambition to the sky. Hold extension, fold forward, blessing sand.



Standing before me Dressed in ancient armor My wife declares a truce



The road flips over and over until he doesn’t know which side to ask for anymore.


Hacksaw Blades

We formed the day, scratching “We want more”, into the bowl of the spoon.


Elegy for Hart Crane

Alone in the audience, like Hart Crane, fallen far alee, soothed in the blood of the ocean, choked in the spokes of the hurtling globe.


Phuong Prays

Phuong married a woman who climbed out of a painting that hung on his living room wall, given to him by his parents when he completed his psychiatric residency and began his poor practice in the Mekong Delta.


Step One: The Blunder Years

Well, I have lots of problems. My spirit animal is an overflowing toilet, and I smell like semen and vodka. I eat high fructose microwavable cancer until my stomach commits ritual suicide and then I keep going to eat the pain away.


Scribbling in the Margins

It wasn’t long before students were gasping as she read; her father had done more than a few bad deeds before he took a hammer to his son.

The Otter October Cover

Issue #2 is live!

10 Aug

Featuring fiction by Scott Archer Jones; flash fiction by Corey Mesler; poetry by Alan Britt, April Salzano, and Aimee Herman; photo-story by Aykan Ozener and more…

#2 cover

Submit your work to The Otter

1 Jul

Submit previously unpublished work with a bio of 100-200 words to editor@ottermagazine.com

Please submit written work as a .doc or .docx file.

Visual art as a .jpg file (300dpi resolution or better)

What we are looking for:

Poems (up to 10 pages of work)

Flash fiction (up to 10 pages of work)

Fiction (up to 20 pages of work)

Nonfiction (up to 20 pages of work)

Visual art

www.ottermagazine.comImage work


17 Jun


Submit previously unpublished work with a bio of 100-200 words to editor@ottermagazine.com

Please submit written work as a .doc or .docx file.

Visual art as a .jpg file (300dpi resolution or better)

What we are looking for:

Poems (up to 10 pages of work)

Flash fiction (up to 10 pages of work)

Fiction (up to 20 pages of work)

Nonfiction (up to 20 pages of work)

Visual art



You are invited!

9 Jun

The Otter Launch Party Flyer

The Otter is a new online magazine published by Overpass Books. We will be celebrating the launch of the inaugural issue with a reading at Brooklyn Colony (274 4th Avenue) in Park Slope.


Featured Readers:

John Coletti
Barbara Henning
Tony Iantosca
Giuseppe Infante
Alex Mindt

Visit http://www.ottermagazine.com to check out the first issue containing poetry, fiction, art and an interview with Patricia Spears Jones, conducted by Lewis Warsh.

First issue of The Otter is here!

3 Jun

Featuring an interview with Patricia Spears Jones, fiction by Gloria Frym, poetry by Barbra Henning! Check www.ottermagazine.com for more.







29 Mar

We want to thank Patricia, Erica and Anselm for celebrating with their poems last night. Much thanks to Berl’s and everyone who came out. Thanks to all the supporters of POETRY and THE ARTS!

Living in the Love Economy is out and is a force to be reckoned with. There are limited copies– get’em while they’re still around!

“Living in the Love Economy asserts, and asserts with an erotic seducing, and with a constant heartbeat of rhythm and flow, that personal record is Historical Record, in particular how damn well it includes and remembers, its wealth of detail, its trickster movement of forward and switch, its ability to connect and inscribe palpably, while ever staying live. “The material remains of a love affair” maybe “are small” but the histories of LITLE are Big, Broad, Engaged, Mourning, Joyful, Ecological, Intimate and Caring. Here, and elsewhere, but particularly here, Patricia Spears Jones’ poetical tracking is a people’s history that morphs, breathes and literally feeds.” —Rachel Levitsky

Video of the reading will be up soon.

Living in the Love Economy














Oh, and be on the look out for an OTTER…


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