“Footpaths To Decay” by Omohan Ebhodaghe

No matter where people are they can enjoy poems, and today the poem “Footpaths To Decay” by Omohan Ebhodaghe seizes the rotating ball in the cranium


Omohan Ebhodaghe is a North London, UK-based third generation Nigerian poet, short story writer and novelist, courtesy of a British Council, Lagos office assistance. A former teacher of English and literature, he was also the 1993-4 publicity secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Lagos state chapter. In 1993, Omohan co-edited an anthology of poems and stories entitled TWENTY NIGERIAN WRITERS: PORTRAITS with Dr Victor Ayedun-Aluma of the Mass Communication department of the university of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2007, Africa World press, Trenton, New Jersey, USA, published HIGHTOWER: Ibhayu poetry. In 2011, his 945 page epic novel was published by Chipmunka publishing, UK. A HEART OF THEIR OWN and other stories and PHOTOCOPIES & ORIGINAL, 980 pages, will be published in 2013.

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