Footpaths To Decay by Omohan Ebhodaghe

Footpaths To Decay by Omohan Ebhodaghe

Omohan Ebhodaghe is a North London, UK-based third generation Nigerian poet, short story writer and novelist, courtesy of a British Council, Lagos office assistance. A former teacher of English and literature, he was also the 1993-4 publicity secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA, Lagos state chapter. In 1993, Omohan co-edited an anthology of poems and stories entitled TWENTY NIGERIAN WRITERS: PORTRAITS with Dr Victor Ayedun-Aluma of the Mass Communication department of the university of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2007, Africa World press, Trenton, New Jersey, USA, published HIGHTOWER: Ibhayu poetry. In 2011, his 945 page epic novel was published by Chipmunka publishing, UK. A HEART OF THEIR OWN and other stories and PHOTOCOPIES & ORIGINAL, 980 pages, will be published in 2013.

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