“First Time” by Colleen Payton

Monday comes, the weekend is gone, and for the “First Time” we have a poem by Colleen Payton


Colleen M. Payton completed her graduate work in English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago and has been teaching college writing, literature and humanities throughout her years as a writer. Her poetry has been included in both literary journals and popular magazines, including The King’s English, Pyrokinection and Oklahoma Today. In March 2012, a piece, “Triptych,” appeared in the literary magazine of Eastern Illinois University, Bluestem, and will print in the annual “best of” edition in Spring, 2013. Colleen also writes features and reviews – generally on topics related to the arts – for Atlanta Magazine, Dance Magazine, Native Peoples and other publications. Most recently, her essay concerning Jungian theory of fairy tale as revealed in Twyla Tharp’s story ballet, The Princess and the Goblin, was featured on the website of Dance International, the quarterly review for the Vancouver Ballet Society. Colleen’s work of scholarship, “The Stage as Battleground: Opera, Ballet and Gender Politics in the Age of Giselle” will print in February, 2013, in the Journal of the Colloquium on the Revolutionary Era.

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