Wax and Kevlar by Harry Contos (1/2/2013)

Wax and Kevlar by Harry Contos (1/2/2013)

My name is Harry Contos. I make my living as a pharmacy technician. I ought to be going to school for a Master’s of Public Health next Autumn. Fordham University at Lincoln Center is my alma mater, where I graduated with a degree in economics. Writing is my grueling hobby. If it were not torture, I am not sure that I would love it as much as I do. I am currently forging a short novella that I hope to tie together into something of which I am proud. I also enjoy sales at Khol’s and Levi 510 twill jeans. I have recently lost my grandmother, with whom I was close. Her perspective on most things was endearing and the source of literary creativity, but, more importantly, of a rock solid view of the things we can change and the things that we cannot. She loved Chris Rock, as well, and I would never fault her for changing the channel from the New York Jets game to Fox News. Rest in Peace, grandma. I love you.

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